Our Approach



The Company is committed to:

• Continuous improvement of the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy
• Encourage our partners to apply the company’s standards
• Implementation of the CSR strategy
• Compliance with all relevant legislation

Our policy is to conduct our business activities against
way to ensure:
• fair treatment of all employees and customers
• the transparency of our policies and business practices
• high standards on all health and safety issues in the EU workplace
• ethical business practices in all our actions Human Rights
• We support and respect the protection of internationally proclaimed people of human rights
• Vendors are actively encouraged to comply with international rules on Human Rights

• We effectively support the needs of the local community and we take initiatives according to local needs
• Our influence on the local and the wider community is understandable cultivated
• We encourage dialogue with the local community for mutual benefit

The company “E. METAXA & CO PC” is committed to providing equal opportunities to all workers and job seekers. Its goal is to
ensure that no job is discriminated against on grounds of sex, age, marital status, sexual orientation, race, color, religion, belief or nationality.

In addition, it is committed to equal treatment of workers and job seekers with special needs, unless that status can be justified.
OR “E. METAXA & CO PC” will also take all practical steps to ensure the smooth integration of disabled workers into the working group.
All employees are responsible for complying with this policy and to ensure that the standards of behavior required by the company
implemented through:
• Equal treatment of others and avoiding any form of direct or
indirect discrimination, victimization or harassment,
• informing Chiefs about any suspected violation of this
• cooperation to promote a harmonious working environment free from discrimination, harassment and intimidation.

“E. METAXA & CO PC” treats all forms of discrimination, victimization and harassment as a serious matter. Employees who do not
comply with this policy will be subject to its disciplinary proceedings Of the Company. All violations of this policy should be considered as
serious disciplinary matter and, if there has been intentional victimization or discrimination or harassment will be considered as serious offenses that potentially will lead to dismissal.

“E. METAXA & CO PC” recognizes that misunderstandings may arise when people of different gender, interests and cultures work together.
Any employee who believes he is treated in a way that is opposed to this policy should put the matter to his Head.
If an employee feels that it is not right to approach him Head, then he can contact the Headmaster.
The Human Resources Directorate conducts its periodic evaluation equal opportunities policy and monitors its results and implementation
policy throughout the company.

The main concern of “E. METAXA & CO PC” for all these decades is the uninterrupted professional and personal development of all employees
in order to contribute to the vision of “E. METAXA & CO PC” as a whole.

Indicative benefits of “E. METAXA & CO PC” for its staff are the blood bank, training and education programs, bonus program,
insurance of workers in an insurance company.

“E. METAXA & CO PC” is committed to:

• defends human rights and, in particular, children’s rights
through staff training and customer information
• rejects, eliminates and condemns all forms of abuse, in particular
sexual and especially when it affects minors.

The Company does not approve or promote coercive or any kind child labour.
We strictly observe the laws of the country governing labor standards.

Best regards,
Maniadis Stavros